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Default Re: Harsh Al Fhaker flavors

this post has perfect timing, when af hits it hits, right now i was about to post my current session with af. af orange, something i opened months back and hated. there was actually a shortage of af orange in the us for the last few months as well, however, i finally saw some available and made a mix (thanks to the guys at afo since they made me this mix) orange mango and mint, all af, it's really a great mix, but what i wanted to point out is the smell of the orange, it's just like orange popcicle. i still haven't tried it alone but i am doing that mix i mentioned as i did last night. these are all 50g packs too. it just seems that af maybe coming back imo, not 100% confident. I am wondering if anything has changed at their production level. it's hard to get a straight answer since its not made in the US and the distributors here, just distribute. i will ask about it, i am supposed to see my cousin from sierra tonight and will prepare him this mix as well.
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