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Default Re: Shisha in Vilnius

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
I went into a new shisha cafe today and a funny thing happened. They offered a discount if you clean/bring your own hose. They also have a deal where you can reserve a narghile that will be just for you or you can bring in your own and they will store and clean it for a monthly fee. Anyone heard of this in a Western country?
i like that! not because of the discount but because id rather bring my nammor and stargate than smoke some hookah bars beat up stuff.

Originally Posted by Redneckwoman688
Yeah it seems to be spreading rapidly too as more and more over 18 youngsters get into it, and tell their friends about it....Thats what seems to be happening around me, its mainly younger adults in the hookah bars that I go to.
youre right, alot of younger adults (im one of em), most of us are cool but i tend not to like the ones who bring some chick, come for 10 minutes, pay for hookah but just take one hit off of it and giggle and pull out their cell phone for photo shoot. sometimes when they leave i so badly want to lean over and bring the hookah to my table where it will actually get some use!
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