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Default Re: Cant get my hookah to work??

Oke Imma be really basic here since ure a girl ( ha kiddin) .. put (specia hookah moist tobacco not the regular kind) tobacco in top part, cover with foil, wrap foil tight, keep 1/4 inch distance between foil and tobacco, poke holes in foil, place top on stem, make sure you get a tight fit. Beforehand fill bottle part with water or non foaming liquid of any non toxic kind ( dilluted alcoholic beverage, fruit juice, tea etc) make sure the stem reaches at least one inch into the water, no more than 2 inches tho.
Make sure you se grommets and everything is airtight. attach hose to stem, and check seals again. Place hot coals on the edges of top part ( bowl) and wait 5 minutes and start to take lungfulls of smoke. If all seals are airtight ( seals are stem - bottle, hose - stem, bowl - stem and optionally stem-stem if your stem has any parts that screw together.) If it still doesn;t work - get better coals.
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