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I know this belongs in the review section but since we dont have a thread yet for AF Soft Black I am posting it here, Mods please move when a proper section is created.
I just received my order today, I havent had a chance to smoke it yet but I know everyone is wondering about the cut so I took a photo of it.

The tobacco is quite sticky and a little wet. Its very dark as you can see with no dyes whatsoever. The cut appears to be the very same "new" cut that AF has been using. I took a comparison picture with some early 2009 AF Plum. As you can see the cut is basically the same. Hopefully it will not affect the smoke with the damn throat tickle.
The smell is amazing! Its a very rich tobacco scent with hints of dried fig and molasses. I know there is much more to this tobacco that will come out when its smoked and cant wait!
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