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Default Very VERY Gross

Hey, I had to write about this. I bought a hookah from a lounge that is closing down. The amount of built up black crap in it was so bad, I had to say something. I don't have photos. But it took 1 hour to clean just the bowl stem with every chemical known to God.

The build up was so bad, it turned a vinnegar bath and brush green over that hour's span. Eventually, I gave up. Ran out of time to clean this thing.

But here's the clincher, what really gets me, is patrons of this guys lounge were smoking this thing.

If you dropped parts of your stem into vinnegar and it turned green, wouldn't you have a problem smoking it? Well, folks its sad to think people at this lounge were smoking this thing unknowingly. Trusting the lounge owner had basic sanitary practices.

This is not to say that this is typical of all lounges, as I'm sure it's not. But for some lounge out there to think that this was okay, I have a problem with it!

Just saying, be aware. That's all. Screw thinking about minor quantities of nitrosamines and CO, im certain this crap built into a CAKE in the stem is way more toxic or unhealthy at the least.

Just gross.

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