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Default Re: Average hose lifespan - unwashable

It seems to me that a wise investment might be to buy a washable hose. Seeing that you have gone through a few unwashables.

I would suggest a washable Narbish from our man **********.com

Or a Nammor.

Anything with plastic/acrylic removable tips and is full plastic tubing, no metal! Is good imo. I have had my nammor for about a month now and I smoke religiously 1 bowl a day. I wash my hose after ever other session or when I notice a taint of an earlier flavor. A good 1/2 cup of water mixed with 1tsp of baking soda and just about a tablespoon of lemon juice poured gently into the hose, then plug each end with your thumbs and shake the hell out of it. The rinse with water several times, and it's like getting a new hose every week or so!
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