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Default Please Abyss PIMP MY HOOKAH!

***Disclamer: I don't try to promote anything or anybody, it's just an idea i had while watching the show PIMP my ride on MTV. If i offended somebody i am sorry that wasn't the purpose. I just took random items from random sites regardless of price or status. Just to having some fun ya know! enjoy!***

Alright! me and the boys at Northern Winds Coast Customs in Canada decided to help you fully customize your hookah and replace this Chinese imitation of yours!

First, we went for the body at our good friends of and they gave us this magnificent piece:

Then our friend at hookah john decided to help us as well by handing us this wonderful hose, plate cover and funnel bowl:


Also, our pimps at Hookah&Shisha Central graced us with this magnificent base:

At last but not least, our men went to Texas Hookah to get you this awesome wind cover:

But, but, but, Abyss there is no LCD screens or speakers on my hookah you say!?!

Well our buddy at Panasonic decided it wasn't enough to only pimp your hookah so they added this little 54" extra to you room:

When Meridian heard of this, they sonic boomed us to the moon with those little babes to complete the set:

So now, here you go, i just PIMPED your HOOKAH!
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