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Default seattle smoke shops

ok until this hookah hookah contest happened i wasn't enlightened but now i've seen the light and im going to share it with you and fellow seattlites.

first of all that new law for tobacco is kicking washintonians asses, that just isn't fair. but there is an alternative for getting tobacco shipped near you. get it shipped to a smoke shop close to you if they'll allow it.

second of all, first i thought sam's smoke shop in seattle was the best smoke shop around cause it carries AF, Starbuzz, Pharoahs, fantasia, even a little nakhla(don't know what flavor) but i thought it was the best around the only thing they were lacking is they have crappy diamante natural coals, no coconut or anything that's worth using. then i did the hookah hookah contest mixing your own blend and they sent my package to "puffin glass studios" i had no idea what i was in store for. i didn't even know it existed and was a smoke shop. they carry coconaras, hookah hookah, and other things im sure i didn't notice, just the coals and hookah hookah is enough for me to "bow down" to this new god. you have no idea you guys, how excited i am about this. too bad i was broke or i would have gotten a bunch of coals. i really hate QL headaches...and the taste...
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