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Default Repackaging Tangiers and selling as their own?

I had suspected, but not accused before, and it was brought up in this thread last week:

Delicioso Tobacco sold in SJ Cigars in Philadelphia, is sold in 50g jars with no plastic wrap around them. When I first heard of the place online, someone speculated that this is possibly repackaged Tangiers.

I've had some before, and despite strong smell, it had lackluster strength of flavor, which is now leading me to believe it needed more acclimating before shoving it in those jars.

But really, upon looking at the flavors, the old man behind the counter came up and opened one to let me smell, and the flavor, was Schnozberry. I also say Maraschino Cherry, and Brambleberry sprinkled through more common flavors like Guava, Passion Fruit, Nectarine, etc.
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