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Originally Posted by hookahman1988 View Post
I've been looking for stuff that my one roommate who's a cigar snob may like. So far I have him hooked on DM but usually he makes fun of my flavored tobaccos, yes, even Nakhla, I say to each his own.
Well I'm a cigar snob so I suppose I know where he's coming from. Basically I am huge fan of the spice/herb stuff made by DM but I have to say that some unflavoured Nakhla and Salloum can be pretty sweet as well. f you want really mellow, natural flavour and zero buzz grab Hookah-Hookah's Cavendish since it's a nice change of pace. I really have to say that Havana pipe is awesome although it doesn't really taste like pipe tobacco it's a great, natural flavour that simply doesn't taste like anything I can think of. As to Soft Black, well I am huge fan and have to say it's a great product although it was better before they changed the cut.
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