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hahaha not really, but i just wanted to let everyone know that 70ft of W foil is only $1.99, and the infamous walgreens $10.00 burners are only $7.99 until saturday!!!!

here's a page copy of this weeks ad, highlighted in red are the things i'm talking about. the foil is actually good stuff, it's cheap as dirt and it's just as good as the $4.00 reynolds wrap. the 20ft stuff goes to 2/$1.00 once a month.

you can print this page out if you'd like, or you can go to your local walgreens and turn to page 6 of the ad.

^it says limit 3, but in all honesty you can buy as many as you want...

oh and P.S., if you are a family member of an employee or you know a walgreens employee, s/he may be able to get you an additional 20% off...
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