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Default Ayam Zaman 1001/ Shooting Star !

For those of you that did not get to try Shooting Star Seasonal Blend when it was sent to the US by everyone's favorite European resident Hajo, you should try to get your hands on any amount of Ayam Zaman 1001 Nights.

Shooting Star Al-Barudi Blend has a very deep molasses taste, enveloped in a plethora of spices and herbs - the aroma definitely hints to maybe cardamom, some cinnamon, mild clove, nutmeg at times, and various spiced cookie spices. After a while resting in a glass jar, this blend doesn't become stronger or muted - it changes into a strong herbal profile with an undertone of ginger and nutmeg, with that hint of cardamom still present, and the heavy molasses overtone.

I smoked some 1001 Nights last week, and again last night, and the flavor profile is so similar to rested SS Al-Barudi that it was almost unrecognizable. The only differences I could pick up was the obvious light spearmint flavor in 1001, compared to the cardamom. 1001 is very herbal and spicy, with a lighter molasses-like flavor (nowhere near as dark as SS).

I think that if you are interested in the Syrian stuff, you should try out the Ayam Zaman and see what you think!
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