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Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
Lmao I would have never thought I would see walgreens ads on hp
hey mad_hatter, i hope you know that i hate you.

Originally Posted by Dee View Post
Hmmm..I just may pick up another burner to have on hand.
Has anyone known them to die?
i've owned 2 of them, the first one died because someone dropped it from 30 feet high, and the 2nd one is still as good as when i bought it in may. just don't use the "foil windcover" trick on it because it will crack the base.

Originally Posted by cjhopkins View Post
I think it is halarious that you do this..... it is usually old retired people who use coupons hahaha. Nice one man!
i kid you not, this 20 year old girl came up to my register with $450.00 worth of shit and a 1.5" binder full of coupons...i probably scanned over 80 coupons...but at the end, we actually owed her $18.00 for all of the stuff she got. it was intense. you can save so much money in those ads.

Originally Posted by bnewman View Post
Is this ad limited to certain regions or is this deal going on everywhere?
usually it's everywhere, but sometimes it changes due to different truck day schedules. you can find out here:

enter your zip code and it should pop up...
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