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Default Blend off elimination round

This round is an elimination round. The top four will be removed from poll number one and the top three will be removed from poll number 2

Just to state it again and make sure it's clear, the blends that have the most votes are going to be eliminated! DO NOT VOTE FOR HOOKAHPRO MEMBERS!

Please vote for blends that are not created by HookahPro members.

We really need your help here guys.

Here are the blends created by Hookah Pro Members .. These are the ones you should NOT vote for!

Poll 1:
-Like Mom Used to Make - ... blended by kalutika (the come back kid)
-Teasin’ & Pleasin’ - ... blended by Dunkel
-Root Beer Float - ... blended by Sambooka

Poll 2:
-Santa's Sack -
... blended by Sambooka
-Shisha a la Martha - ... blended by shawnwhyte
-Shooting Spice - ... blended by MrBungle

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