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Default Re: Thinking of placing a new order, need some advice

If I where you I'd spend the money on some nakhla from a cheaper site like its 7 bucks for 250g and I heard a few members shop from it with great success. In addition spend the little extra for a decent hookah. If you want small and portable then get a MYA Bambino. Great small hookah and you can find it if you search for about 35-45 bucks. The pumpkin is a great novelty hookah but if you plan on smoking anything more than once a week or so then youll want a hookah that you can enjoy and clean with ease. Here is a link to the Bambino and a great place to buy it if you choose to. There are also a lot of great vendors here that may cost a little more but offer greater reliability. Try to negotiate a price you would like to pay with some of the greater vendors like Hookah John. Or buy from here, its your decision. best of luck.
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