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Default Re: Small or Medium Tangiers Phunnel?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
phunnel has a hole and the Vortex has a platform with holes in a different location. I like the Vortex better because the platform keeps the foil from getting sucked down into the hole and it holds a little less tobacco.
Please don't speak as if that's true of all smalls. Though mine are on the smaller side, the largest of my smalls holds 36g of Tangiers when fully & properly packed. My minis average ~30g with only one being considerably smaller than the other minis. With other brands, I can pack less. I can easily pack more than any of that in my vortex bowls.

With a proper pack, foil setup, and a good Tangiers phunnel, the foil getting sucked down is never an issue for those who know what they are doing. The draw of a vortex bowl is more restrictive than a phunnel, to the point where I do not like smoking out of them with any KM or Temsaah that I have. I only use them with my Mya now. FWIW, I do prefer a wide draw. The phunnel is much easier to clean as well.

Mediums smoke better than the smalls and larges smoke better than the mediums. Large phunnels aren't more than one person can handle; it's what we smoke out of at Oddessey all the time. It also doesn't waste moassel if you recycle the tobacco at the bottom of the bowl, which is something even Eric highly recommends doing.

Here is what I recommend: If you are going to be smoking with several people and more than just one session of coals, I do recommend a medium. Heat management is easier IMO and the smoke is better (it's fuller if that makes any sense to you). If you are going to be smoking by yourself and occasionally with others, then get a small. If you are not going to be smoking Tangiers but instead other "wet" moassels, get a vortex and save some money (unless your fortunate to be in a position where you can get Tangiers phunnels for less than a vortex). If you will be smoking Nakhla and other "drier" moassels, don't waste your money and stick with a traditional Egyptian bowl until you have better reason to buy a different bowl.
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