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Default Down stem issues

Well I bought my first hookah in Sept and its been a blast. Yet recently I ran into a huge pain in the butt with my down stem. I have a Sahara Smoke Subzero hookah. Not only is cleaning it a pain but now my down stem doesn't fit anymore. It seems the threading on the heart(Not sure if I am using that right but I mean were you screw in the stem) is totally stripped. The stem itself is fine and the threading is in good shape. Now when I put it in to attempt to screw it just goes all the way in. I have to do a crazy angle to get it to stay in or use plastic and mini rubber bands to make it grip in the hole. Now I do have a re-threader but if the stem is too small for it then there is no point. Any help would be appreciated. Can't afford a new hookah just yet. Also I haven't used tried plumber thread tape yet since I didn't have any handy.
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