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Default Re: ****MY HOOKAH IS ALMOST HERE****

I GOT THE HOOKAH!!!! and it is the greatest hookah I've ever smoked from, from the beautiful decoration to the HUGE and I mean HUGE KM Jumbo base... that base can hold TRIPLE the ice that my Vortex Mya can hold. In addition, I is so sealed and air tight and well designed that smoking from my vortex bowl had a completely new feeling from it, it was as though I was smoking straight from the bowl itself without a hookah, it was like the hookah was a vessel to deliver the smoke instead of just a hookah that transferred the smoke through your hose. This KM hookah gave me the first light headed/dizzy bowl I've ever had in over 2 years! I smoke straight tangiers and have been doing so for over 2 years and I had the first light headed session since my tolerence has grown for nicotine. This hookah is a beast, so thats what I'll name him... The Beast!
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