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Default Re: ****MY HOOKAH IS ALMOST HERE****

Its got a few blemishes with the bronze looking coloring where it looked like it had a little oxidation but other than that no problems. The hookah is still beautiful and a handmade work of art for sure. Although ********** didn't give me any of the grommets for the bowl or hose. Luckily he still gave me a vase grommit. lol I had extras from other bowls and hoses so I'm alright. The one thing I don't like is the balance the hookah has. The base is that of like a bubble at the bottom so since it concaves toward the bottom theres not much surface area that the vase touches which make the hookah tilt frightingly with ever small tug on the hose. The hookah needs like support beams attached to the vase or something. lol
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