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Default Re: Nicotine Withdrawl?

"I mean I have headaches, my orientation is off, I feel slightly dizzy, and lethargic along with angering easily and I am anxious."

headaches, orientation off and dizzy is also symptoms of CO poisoning (carbon monoxide poisoning).... and the thing with that is that it takes a while to your body to recover (to get oxygen back into your red blood corpuscles instead of carbon dioxide)...

If you smoke every day around 5 hours straight (way to much) you should get alot of carbon dioxide in your body, but not letting your body replacing it with oxygen, and i think that could even be dangerous for you...
You are kind of smothering yourself from the inside...
It is possible to get ******* headache of it and most of the symptoms you described, and other symptoms like i got myself ,seizure and heavy fainting along with killer headache, but this should just be a problem when smoking heavyily (around more then 1-2 hours straight)...

of course the nicotin could add up too so just one more reason to get a healthier way to smoke your hookah

wish you a healthy smoking
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