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Default Re: I am still so torn....

Originally Posted by joevincett View Post
I just don't get it, you're smoking for what 45-90+ minutes? What's a few seconds? Also if you aren't getting harsh smoke what's the purpose anyway? But that's just my opinion haha
Yh all KM's purge fully, but some common chambers like MYA's dont so it might be better to knw in advance.

I dont really care how long it takes to purge as long as it purges

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
those two have the same purge valve......

also in my experience the purge valves on these are BETTER than the ones on like my KM double pear. My OG purges way better. I was gonna mention that, but the two options laid before us had the same purge valve...
Thats what i thought at first but i think both are different values, ones the round bolt type and the other one is the long one.

I dont know how to describe them

But both will fully purge so it aint much of a problem
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