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Default Re: I wasnt so sure where to post

Originally Posted by CPX View Post
Actually the Thawte certificate is valid. You can see this yourself by visiting the site and then clicking on the Thawte link in the lower left corner. I believe the certificate relies on the IP of the referring website to verify that the request is coming from the website IP that is registered with Thawte.

They do this so that a shady website cannot copy the code from a different website certificate and add it to their website to make it appear legit. Since you are linking from the HP forums (with a different IP referrer) this is most likely the cause of the invalid message.

Furthermore the shopping cart is using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) https connection which is what Thawte provides as a secure payment gateway. Sorry, eCommerce IT is my business so I just thought I'd chime in.
Not to be pedantic but the Thawte SSL is domain verified i.e. during the purchase/verification process Thawte sent an email to a designated mailbox normally webmaster@ admin@ root@ etc It isn't however organisational verified where you have to send in your compnay registration documents and proof of address from where you operate.

Just thought I'd clear that up. Also the Thawte Site Seal works on the valid hostname tld, the IP side of things is only for the webserver etc
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