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Default Re: Why is Nakhla so much cheaper in my local store?

Tobacco is sold for heavy profit. Cheap to grow and cheaper to flavor. When you see 11 dollar nakhla online it doesn't mean its 11 bucks, all they paid for it was 4 bucks and there making a profit. Discounts are made to appear as though the customer is getting a fair price or better price than those that would not be given a discount. Nothings wrong with profit, although as me being a Super Jew (yes Im a jew and a very good jew at that) I wont overpay too much for products, thats why I hunt for the lowest price and best customer service combo in a harmonic balance. Local shops have a hard time selling tobacco like Nakhla so its sold at little or no profit, although those people like us online, where we climb over eachother at the mere idea of Nakhla Gum, they take us to market. Its all part of the game guys.
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