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I have smoked hookah in a moving car before but you have to be really careful. I made sure not to bring my 30" syrian, instead i brought my 24 egyptian. Also, I made the BFC Monster windcover....Honestly you shouldnt need a tutorial, its pretty easy. And smoke some Nakhla. It doesnt produce clusterf$%k clouds, gives a nice buzz, and lasts a long time in the bowl. As for securing the hookah, I have a fairly large center console. I opened it up and put the hookah right inside it, a roll of duct tape later and it is road ready. Just be careful and make sure that everyone has a pair of tongs to pick up the coal if it is near them. Also, try to teach them the techniques of coal grabbing, too often, people make the coals explode when grabbing them because they are scared.
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