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Default Hookah Know-it-alls (that really dont know crap!!)

So last night i went over to my cousins house to smoke some hookah and watch movies. I start setting up the hookah, and this thing looks like it hasnt been cleaned ever. I didnt even bother trying to clean it as it would have needed a good 24 hr soaking, but i did put fresh water in the base and washed out the bowl. This is where the drama begins. My cousin, for some unknown reason, didnt let me pack the bowl right. she made me pack it really tight, clogging the holes in the bowl. Then she insisted i use the screen instead of foil because apparently its "better". I pulled out some coconaras and said "brb im gonna go light these on the stove" she replies "I have these coals that you can light with a lighter and theyre better" At this point, ive given myself about 5 facepalms.

It doesnt stop there. Her hookah is a 3 hose with no autoseal. She refused to plug her hose when i took a hit. It was all around awful. The smoke (what little smoke there was) was really harsh and taste bad.Then after we're done smoking (i stopped early cause it was gross) she tells me that shes had that shisha for over 2 years.

When my hookah comes in the mail, i plan on giving her the best hookah session of her life. maybe itll get her to realize why i wanted to set it up the way i did.

So, Hookahpro, share your horror stories with hookah know-it-alls, i know im not the only one that runs into these people!
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