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Default Re: Hookah Know-it-alls (that really dont know crap!!)

a bunch of friends and I went to an electronica show in NYC. around 3am when the show got out we went to someones apartment in brooklyn and I see a hookah(MYA bambino) sitting there. I ask if we can smoke it. so, the hostess goes and grabs a 250 of nakhla peach. sounds good so far. I then watch her pile the tobacco into the bowl like you would expect for an overpack method. then she gets a piece of aluminum foil and proceeds to poke holes in it with a ball point pen. then she put the foil over the bowl like a hot air balloon. grabs a 40mm QL, lights it on the balcony, puts it in the middle of the bowl, balancing it on the "balloon". I was so out of it for various reasons I didn't even bother to ask her what she was doing. guess I found it comical at the time lol. I took about 3 hits of decent smoke because it hadn't burned yet then pass it along to watch everyone else hack their brains out. was an interesting night

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