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Default Re: Ghosts of Nahkla

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
So i set up my caravan last night to smoke some Nahkla cinnamon & Mizo Mint (excellent combo). The first 6 pulls or so all I could taste was Sweet Melon. I smoked that 2 days ago, clean the hookah and everything... but the ghost was so strong I might as well have been smoking the actual thing, it eventually subsided but a little hint stayed for the whole sesh. The only place I can figure that it ghosted is in the KM Rainbow hose that I use, how do you de-ghost a non-washable hose?
yep sweet melon likes to ghost, you need to either just let the hose sit for a few weeks, or just smoke past it. supposedly tangiers (if you have any and smoke it) is good at killing ghosting, idk how true that is but i have heard a few people say so and it seemed to work some what for me)

mint and cinnamon is a great mix, i should do that again soon, havent done that for a while... not just gota let this throat cold pass... fail

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