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Default Re: most flavourful smoke

Originally Posted by freezingwar View Post
I've tasted many brands and the only one that made me stare without a word was HH Root Beer. No buzz but amazing only if you like root beer.

i completely agree the only thing is if you have a bit too much heat it hurts your throat. i mean it normally has a "carbonated" feel like you're drinking the soda, not a harshness but like its carbonated and siagcore will agree, but if you have TOO much heat you can't take big pulls cause it's just too carbonated tasting. but it doesn't taste accurate to the soda but to the A&W root beer barrels. but it's also really really strong, i haven't smoked it in like 6+ sessions but i can still taste it in that hookah/hose even with it being washed a couple times.
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