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Originally Posted by MonkeyFresh View Post
Yea my parents knew I smoked hookah too but I didn't tell them I was smoking in my room (it's upstairs and you can't tell at all from any other part of the house)
My dad was fine with it... he even bought some beers for a few friends of mine and I while we were smoking my first hookah in the back yard a few months ago. He understood how it was with hookah because he was a smoker himself when he was younger (he actually was stationed in the middle east, he's a nurse and my family is from the Philippines, its hard to get a nursing job within the country so you must do what you have to do, but I bet he smoked some hubbly bubbly in his time haha)
My mom however... is adamantly against it...she threatened to lock me out when i was about to smoke my hookah with my friends in the backyard one time...
But my parents finally caught on about me smoking upstairs and my mom confiscated all my shisha and coals (coconaras) plus my single coil burner
My dad was more mad at the fact that I could have potentially burnt the house down but yea my mom threw a fit... she told me she wasnt gonna throw anything away after like a 20 minute argument
It makes me so mad though... I'm 20 years old and she doesn't let me make these kinds of choices... I know its bad, but its really my only bad habit... I dont drink (often) I dont do drugs because I was raised better than that and know better, I eat healthy/exercise so its really my only bad habit
im so frustrated with my situation

and to be quite honest if you stay active along with the smoking, even ciggs won't do much damage to you. my dad has smoked most of his life, he's 47/8 i can't remember but his lungs are amazing, he had a physical and even the doctors were like "WTF" hahaha.
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