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Default Re: Nicotine Withdrawl?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
Its CO poisoning! I looked it up and the symptoms I have read out like a book on it. I'm gonna reduce my smoking to a bowl or 2 a day. Im not smoking more than 3 hours. Funny thing is, I didn't have this problem till I started smoking ******* Hookah QL coals. I used to always smoke 3 kings QL's and a few months back I started smoking ******* Hookah and now Im all screwed up, literally. I'm taking a break from the ******* hookah coals all together and I'm gonna start trying my Natural Belgians. Maybe the CO intake in those is significatly less. Sound like a good plan guys?
could be an idea with changing coal because there are alot of CO coming out when heating the coal...try to do this outside or at least with some windows open...dont be near the stove when you are heating could also be an idea....then there is the fact that CO comes when you burns the tobaco too so the smoke is filled with it so it is and idea to have shorter session and not as many draws per session down a bit...hmm..i was a bit like you...and didnt have any sympotms the first 3 years..but for some weeks ago i got a seizure because of that so i think you can get more sensitive to it too....

take care man and glad i could be to some help...

ohh have heard that a "wind shield" on the bowl could help reduce the CO from the coals...

but still...shorter sessions is the key point here..and take at least some hours between every bowl.......just a suggestion
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