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Default Re: Nicotine Withdrawl?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
Its CO poisoning! I looked it up and the symptoms I have read out like a book on it. I'm gonna reduce my smoking to a bowl or 2 a day. Im not smoking more than 3 hours. Funny thing is, I didn't have this problem till I started smoking ******* Hookah QL coals. I used to always smoke 3 kings QL's and a few months back I started smoking ******* Hookah and now Im all screwed up, literally. I'm taking a break from the ******* hookah coals all together and I'm gonna start trying my Natural Belgians. Maybe the CO intake in those is significatly less. Sound like a good plan guys?
I recently picked up a CO monitor and I've noticed that QL coals in general produce slightly more CO than naturals. This is in use, not counting lighting. I've used 3 Kings and Golden QL coals, and CH and Starlight naturals. In a normal session with up to 3 coals burning, the CO level never gets "dangerous" with any of the coals however the 3 Kings produce the most and the CH naturals produce the least.
Using any of the above in back-to-back sessions, the CO level can become significantly elevated. Even if the CO level is "safe", if you are exposed to it for a relatively long period of time it can accumulate in your bloodstream and cause problems.

BTW, I recently tried the aFire coconut BBQ coals and found that while they don't seem to be very well suited for use with hookah, they do NOT produce any more CO than hookah-specific coals.
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