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Default hookahs and 2x4s do not mix well.

so this is kinda two posts in one. First im going to share what happened with with the 2x4 then will ask for some advice.

So my dad and I do not get along very well more so when it comes to smoking. I have heard all the reasons hookah is bad. but i understand why he shows concern he used to have one but did not smoke shisha out of it. Any way he has told me more than once to keep it out of his sight (still live with mum and dad full time student) so my friends and i have a good smoke one night i clean every thing up and put every thing back in its hiding place just like always. So the next morning rolls around and i go out to clean the vase and stem and bowl. But sadly i find that my father is quite angry because i left the coals out. I try and say that im sorry and all that well i guess he did not like that because next thing i know my hookah is getting beat with a 2x4 LOL i was upset to say the least.

So now my question for you hookah pros. I am going to be buying a new hookah here in the near future (Nov 30th) and i will be ordering from hookah-shisha because i have around 25$ in points. this is the hookah that i am looking at i have been pricing every where i can and it seems for what you get this is the best place to go. My question to the hookah pros is what do you think of this hookah? i will admit it i am on the noob side of hookahs.
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