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Default Re: Nicotine Withdrawl?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
When I get off work I smoke all night, from 5pm to 10pm and its straight tangiers and I never buzz anymore. Now at home while smoking I feel relatively well. Although when I wake up in the morning and go to work about 30 min into the day and on all the way till I get home and start smoking I feel like shit. I mean I have headaches, my orientation is off, I feel slightly dizzy, and lethargic along with angering easily and I am anxious. This has all been going on for 4 or so months. Could I be going through withdrawl while at work for the lack of nicotine?
First off, smoking for 5 hours a day is a terrible idea. Smoking entails a significant set of risk factors for various forms of cancer and numerous cardio-vascular & cardio-pulmonary disease and all of those risk factors seem to correspond rather closely with consumption rates. The bottom line is that i'd view such consumption as extremely destructive.

It is also apparent that you have subjected your self to CO poisoning to a dramatically severe extent and plenty of people pass out from such over use. Frankly I think you risk some very serious long term consequences if you persist exposing yourself to such CO levels.

As to nicotine poisoning I would presume that any unwashed tobacco regularly used for 5 hours a day could cause such a problem. Honestly I don't like being dependent upon anyone or anything thing for the simple reason that my enjoyment of life would be lessened greatly by the symptoms you describe as would my ability to function.

What I suggest:

Stop smoking altogether for no less then a week, preferably two to let your body lose the CO and recover. If you find yourself faced with great cravings for smoke and a continuation of the symptoms you mentioned then i'd suggest you quite smoking permanently since such indications would suggest that you have become dependent or addicted.

If on the other hand after a week or two you feel a desire to smoke but none of the symptoms you described then by all means continue smoking but do so in a sensible fashion.

By sensible I mean:

1) Never smoke more then 60-90 minutes a day. Also, take a day or two per week and simply don't smoke on those days so you can see how you function when you smoke and when you don't.
2) Avoid inhalation and instead focus on the taste.
3) Never use anything but fully lighted natural coals.
4) wait 20-30 seconds between draws and stop altogether every 20 minutes or so for three to five minutes.
5) Always smoke on a full stomach and have plenty of liquids (no alcohol) when you smoke.
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