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Default Re: Nicotine Withdrawl?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
Its CO poisoning! I looked it up and the symptoms I have read out like a book on it. I'm gonna reduce my smoking to a bowl or 2 a day. Im not smoking more than 3 hours. Funny thing is, I didn't have this problem till I started smoking ******* Hookah QL coals. I used to always smoke 3 kings QL's and a few months back I started smoking ******* Hookah and now Im all screwed up, literally. I'm taking a break from the ******* hookah coals all together and I'm gonna start trying my Natural Belgians. Maybe the CO intake in those is significatly less. Sound like a good plan guys?
First, please read my other post in this thread.

Quick lights produce a lot more CO then natural coals from what I have read and from own little half assed experiments. While the levels of CO produced by natural coals ( and QLs) vary by brand I doubt that they do so dramatically and I doubt that ******* naturals are significantly worse then any other natural brand in terms of CO. What I suggest is making sure your coals are fully lighted before smoking and following the recommendations I made in my last post.
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