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Default New Narghile Stuff in Yemen

As some of you know I have been away on various business trips for some time and haven't seen my home in a couple of months. While most of my time away has been stressful and extremely unpleasant (ex. having to supervise the firing of a few hundred people and seeing some guy get hit by a truck and having his blood all over me) I have had some good times as well.

In Yemen I have been spending time the cities of Ta'izz and Mocha with a charming gentleman that is a major coffee and narghile connoisseur that happens to have the largest cache of Shooting Star I have ever seen. Anyway, despite is love of traditional moassel he is, oddly enough, dedicated to modern narghiles. I got to try out for only the second time a Shisha Art narghile from France which is propane powered and I found it a delight to use despite it's super modernistic styling and design.

I also got to see this strange German/Austrian narghile called "the unit 2.0" which can be bought here: . Although it looked very well made and the hose seemed very well designed I have some doubts about it. Basically, I donít like the fact that you need to use the bowl it comes with and I donít like that itís made of aluminum. Has anyone actually tried one of these out?

Anyway, itís pretty neat to see and try new stuff in an area I would least expect it.
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