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Default Re: opinions on my starter package

That's a nice piece and imo a good starter package. If I had the chance to start over again with a new piece for the first time I would go with a Magdy Zidan Kairo or a Khalil Mamoon Diskus for the piece. Both come with a very decent hose that is washable and basically on par with a Namoor in quality and smoke draw.

As for the bowl, Phunnel bowls are good but tricky to start out with which may discourage your first sessions...if you go with a Phunnel you will also want a Scali mod which will make smoking through a Phunnel a hell of a lot easier. However, for a first timer I would recommend a Vortex which is imo one of the best bowls out there and easy to setup and smoke.

Your coal choice is great. Your tobacco choice is good too. No matter what choice you make enjoy the new piece and welcome to the world of hookah. The above is just my opinion if I had to start from scratch again because I know I've spent a good amount of cash on upgrades to strive for the best session and the above is how I would go about it to save some cash in the long run.
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