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Default Exploding Electric Coals

I assume that most HPers have heard about the electric coal replacement devices made in the PRC and I know that a few people here have bought some. While in Yemen the hospitable gentleman I mentioned in my last thread bought a few of these devices and I was trying them out on a big tombac rig he was smoking from.

Anyway, he got a call and left the porch we were on and I wondered a bit to go admire his garden. As I was walking down some steps I heard a loud pop and felt something hit my back. I turned around a noted that the electric coals had exploded and a portion of one had burned the back of my shirt and jacket. Other bits of the device was stuck in the table and and parts of the porch. If we had been sitting at the table just a minute or so earlier we both would have bits of the thing in our faces.

I will never again risk being near one of those electric coal things and I would suggest that everyone does likewise.

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