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Default Re: Exploding Electric Coals

That is a crazy story Hajo and it sounds like it could have been a lot worse. I have had the unfortunate experience of getting suckered into buying one of these 'electric coal' devices because I was intrigued by the idea behind it. In short they suck and are a total waste of money.

They are impossible to dial in the correct temperature and they either do not heat enough to produce smoke or burn the hell out of the tobacco. The entire session is dialing in to try to get the perfect temperature which is not a good way to enjoy a sesh. I suppose it could be used to heat coals, but for $8 at a local drug store you can pickup a electric coil heater that is a far better investment imo to do the same thing.

This most likely can be chalked up to cutting corners in manufacturing which may be stereotypical but isn't unheard of for items made in China.
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