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Originally Posted by austinthecity
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner

While Mya is better then other Chinese made stuff that i've tried my luck with that brand has not been good at all. I've owned cheap stuff like the QT and the higher end stuff like the Gyro and tend to not last long. Truthfully, given that so many great rigs are to be had for around $100 I simply can't see why I should risk my hard earned money on something made by slave labour in the PRC.
Not just that, but if people stop supporting Chinese exports, they will have to up their quality. Too many products are being imported into the US from China with lead paint and other ways to cut corners...

Stop our demand and they will improve their supply...

sorry, /hijack
I agree. I don't like Mya's for a few reasons. I've read posts about cheap glass bases, they are made in China, they are manufactured and not hand crafted, they don't appeal to me visually at all, and they do not come from a country with the tradition of hookah like the Middle Eastern countries. Chinese products are killing our our manufacturing jobs here. You know Mya's are one of the rare exceptions where a Chinese product actually costs more than products from other countries.
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