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Default Re: hookahs and 2x4s do not mix well.

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
NEVER EVER buy a Hookah-Shisha hookah. No matter what anyone tells you! These are the WORST hookahs on the market BY FAR and do not deserve to even be in existence.

Buy an Al Fakher Syrian or a KM or whatever. Not a H-S Rig.

**There's an ongoing trend on the forum of "if it works buy it" but I say fuck that, that's the most ridiculous advice and state of mind anyone could have. ANY hookah works, period. The fact that it works IS NOT THE POINT! The point is having a rig that will last you for years, smoke perfectly well at all times, be easy to clean, be sturdy and heavy - Not just so you can get smoke out of it! If you don't care about build quality then why would you even buy a hookah in the first place? There is SO much crap out there, and those H-S pipes are the lowest of the low. PLATED COMMON CHAMBERS, SCREW ON HOSE PORTS, SHITTY THIN FLIMSY METAL, LIGHT CRAPPY FEELING STEM, TINY GAUGE, SHODDY CRAFTSMANSHIP! Don't anyone tell you these are worth smoking from.

I've had my sphinx for a couple of years and it still works 100%! Pull is great, not the heaviest thing but its pretty heavy. talk to people that have one before you talk shit on h-s. anyways, Get the sphinx, i LOVE it. Its a really really good hookah. again, Ive had mine for a long time, and theres STILL no rust!!


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