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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

i had a bunch of ppl over smoking hookah about 7. i had two two-hose hookahs going. I got up to change the song on the stereo and when i was making my way back to my seat (after a few drinks) i tripped on a hose while i was sitting down. I had my chairs set up in an L and i was in the corner. The hookah then tipped over and magically while i was in the process of sitting the coal went up my shorts and i sat down on it. I then realized what happened and jumped up and the coal fell out. I then took my shorts off and ran around the room while every1 laughed at me...I then finished the handle of i have a nice round burn mark on the upper inside part of my leg and small burns on my carpet from where the coal pieces touched. luckily it was an acrylic base...nothing broke.
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