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Ive still been working, its like a nagging sickness, not a debilitating one. Feels like going to work with the flu for like the past 3 months. Not fun but could have been worse. Im getting better though, might take a while (few weeks or months) but I'm sure I'll get there. Just really thought I'd warn everyone that they should really take it easy with the ******* hookah coals, cause although every coal secretes CO, there are surefire differences in the amounts of CO thats secreted by each brand of coal. So long story short, if your a heavy hookah smoker (at or in access of 3 hours a day) then do yourself a favor and either cutback or change brands of coals if your using ******* hookah coals, I was using the Quicklights only because I hate the taste of the ******* hookah naturals (you can CLEARLY taste the coal and I don't care what anyone says) and the CO could be less with the natural. CO slowly binds up in your blood, this isn't somthing that 1 day you decide to smoke ******* hookah coals and then you become sick, it accumulates in your blood EXTREMELY slowly and after a month of poisioning your body it can take a couple of months to figure it out. The worst part is it takes longer to clean yourself up then it takes to poision yourself, because CO is soo binding to the blood it can take up to months or years for the oxygen to replace the CO again. Its terrible stuff guys.
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