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Default Re: opinions on my starter package

I say get the KM too. They are unbelievable well made and the craftsmanship is very unique. Definitely a crowd gatherer at parties. My friend had one and people would line up to smoke his and my poor lonely crappy mya got no attention until the birth of the funnel, then they all flocked to me. Either way, a 1 hose beast of a hookah is better than a 2 hose decent hookah. Also the cleaning of the KM is sooo easy since all the parts don't come apart you don't have to take the hookah apart to clean seals and threads. You just run a brush through it then some water and your done. My mya used to take me 20 min to clean in the sink, now I clean my KM in the bathtub (its a 32" so its a tall hookah) and it takes me no more then 5 min. Its great. Starbuzz is a good start, easy to make a bowl and for a newbie it should give you a buzz.
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