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Default Re: Where do you buy shisha locally?

The cigar shop I frequent has been getting more 50g packs in. Mostly crap frankly but the owner has now started stocking AF and more Layalina besides the Jewels he usually keeps on the shelves... I'm happy for the change. He is a cigar smoker exclusively and he and I started talking because of the mutual interest. Through that I was able to prove to him that hookah was not always associated with NHT and he decided to stock hookah products, which he had not done for years because of the stigma. It's nice to meet people open to learning rather than just shutting themselves off to an idea.

That's where I get my local samples if I am bored with the library of flavors I have.

If I want to make some good sized purchases I head into Boston to one of the Arab markets that stock nakhla and other good brands. I pick up a few cheap 250g packs and some good food while there to compliment the flavors. It's about a 30 minute drive for me to get to anything I would call a hookah shop or Arab market sadly.
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