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as the others say it isnt only the coals that contribute to CO posioning....
i belive in your case as was in my own case our smoke sessions is far to long and intense....

the smoke that comes from the burned tobacoo should have some CO in it and if you sit for more then 90 mins in a row you will in most cases feel dizzyness or bad in one way or another (no matter what coals you have).

so try and keep to one bowl each time/day....
long breaks, good to go outside (to let your red bloodcapsules recover and replace the CO with oxygen, takes a while because the red bloodcapsules picks up CO easier then oxygen)
and as Hajo Flettner says dont go to intense...what ever way you prefer to smoke (for taste, rings or some other fun) take it slowly...dont breath down as deep as you can when smoking and dont hog it for to long when you are smoking.... and take a mini break after 30-40 mins for about 2-5 mins as hajoflatner said too (dont worry for the tobaco it will probably only give more taste if you have good heat management).

and as always it is very good to have a stable snack before and always have some water near (keep yourself hydrated).

and there is also good to get a reminder to yourself, so you take a "thinker" about how your smoking habits are..

glad the disscussion breaks loose a bit about this, beacuse CO poisioning can be very unhealth in the long run (in worst cases brain damage, and ******* headaches and yeah you get the picture) and in early stages pretty normal when smoking hookah, so this should be enlighted a bit more if you ask me...

and glad i could help you bogalu

happy smoking out there
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