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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
No, I live in Silver spring. I knew him back in vegas like 2 years ago and still got his number in my phone. When I am low in stock, I call, and place a HUGE order so he gives me the discount. I would expect the same from an online vendor, so if they want to be competitive, so be it. If not, they will continue to loose out on prolly over $1500 bucks a year which I could be spending on them. Once in a while I might drop a $100 or so with hookah john if I cant wait for eric to call me back, but other than that its strictly eric.
For him it's the fact that he makes the product himself and thus sells it for a good price to those that order directly from him. When he sells it to other vendors he sells it for almost the same price that he sells to individual customers. That means that to make a profit on Tangiers they need to mark it up. Technically if you have a problem with other vendors marking the price up it is because they buy it for almost the same price you do and thus it is because of Eric's decision. It's not a bad thing and I am not saying that it is a mistake, I am just trying to explain why the vendors you seem to think are trying to rip you off are charging what they do.
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