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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
You must not understand anything behind pricing in the hookah world at all then. Perhaps you should try and estimate how much you would need to make on products to just cover the costs of staying in business.

Double from other websites? What sites sell for as low as Eric does? Comparing retail prices to near wholesale prices direct from the manufacturer is not fair on your part.
Money talks and Bullsh*t walks. If I'm placing a mass order, then take care of me. If I was placing an order for 1 or 2 250g bags of tangiers then I wouldn't expect to get a great deal, thats alright. But when I place orders this big, I don't just want a great price, I expect it. And thats business in its purest form. Do you understand business? Half these vendors have dropshippers. Or operate out of theyre own home. These aren't high profile business' and shouldn't be treating customers like they are. The operating costs aren't as much as you think. Im offering $1.50 over cost (after shipping of course) a 250 gram bag for mass orders. Thats fair. And trust me, the vendors know it.
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