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Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
Now after feeling terrible for the last three months and doing nothing different and not smoking more or less than the last 6 months before that and seeing over $600 dollars worth of co payments for doctors to rule out ever thing from RA to Lyme disease I have FOUND my own cure, and that cure is to stay away from ******* hookah coals, it was the only thing that I had changed 3 months ago. I used to smoke 3 Kings 5 hours a day with no problem. Now after switching to ******* hookah and smoking the same amount of time with the same tobacco I have been poisoned severely. No one is to blame but myself although it is terrible to have CO Poisoning and dont wish it upon anyone. It makes you feel lethargic, tired, pain, headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, fuzzy/double vision, and sometimes even vomiting. I switched to my Belgian 40mm naturals and I am already starting to feel better. Still have a little doublevision and still feel a little tired although my hammering headache is gone which is a good sign, we'll see how the next weeks treat me.

PS. Thanks Lonelyboy, if it wasn't for your preaching about the touchy subject I would have never been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Thanks again.
I had a couple of posts in your other thread and I suggest you take a look at them.
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