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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by armenakadino View Post
I can understand the mark up has to be done to keep the businesses running but double the price is crazy. The mark up is enough that if I spend 100 dollars online for tangiers vs the store id save enough money to have enough money to drive down to tangiers from la and have enough for a round of hookah, rental car and gas
THANK YOU ARMENAKADINO! Finally someone sees my point, its not fair to the customer to be charged this much. No other business from shop to service is this lucritive so what gives you the right to be different?! NOTHING! Thats why I don't buy from you! I hope everyone looks for alternitive vendors that are willing to give fair prices for those who purchase mass orders. After all, you vendors expect discounts when you purchase in bulk from your suppliers so what makes it different between the vendor to customer relationship?
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