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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
You do realize they probably spend more than that on shipping to their own stores in the first place, right?

Just speaking generally, it does not benefit them to make such huge discounts for people buying large amounts. It benefits you but the amount they move in a certain period of time is not what matters. It's the profit. If you are selling 3 kilos of tobacco and only making around 10 dollars worth of profit after initial shipping it's just silly. And that is not even factoring in costs of business like web site costs, advertising and everything else it takes to run your own business. Then there are employees if you are not running the entire business on your own.
No the profit is closer to 20. Shipping is not as much as you'd think it would be. Did you know you can ship 150 pounds worth of merchandise for under 70 bucks if you go through the correct shippers? Second, websites and advertising is an associated cost of running a business, you don't take it out on the customers, you take it out of your profit. If I buy 3 kilos of tobacco 6 times a year then thats close to 110 bucks in profit for little bit of effort. If thats not enough then fine, because to eric, that is MORE than enough.
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